Privacy Policy

Chelsea Oriental is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of visitors to our website as well as the privacy of our customers. For visitors, we've structured our website so that, in general, you can visit us on the web without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. For customers, once you choose to provide us with personally identifiable information (any information which would allow you to be identified as a specific individual and/or company), you can be assured that it will only be used for the purpose of enabling and sustaining a customer relationship with you. We abide by the rules laid-out in the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Visitors To Our Website

What Information We Collect

When you visit our website, our web server collects basic user information about you that includes your ISP's domain or IP address, the time you accessed our website and the pages of our website that you visit. We may also use cookies, which are small pieces of information that a website can store in a designated file on your computer. Cookies allow a web application to respond to you as an individual. The ordering system uses cookies to remember any items placed in your basket.

By gathering and remembering information about your preferences, the web application can tailor its operation to your needs, likes, and dislikes. Our web server is not able to determine your email address or aggregate information on what other pages on the Internet you have accessed or visited without submitting this information to us directly via registering or placing an order.

How We Use The Information

The basic user information collected is used to help us analyse web traffic and to improve the content of our website. Cookies may be used to facilitate customer interaction with us. For example, we may use a cookie to store information about your user account which allows you to be directed to appropriate pages. We may from time to time disclose to third parties aggregate information on our website's traffic profile. For example, Internet advertising companies may require this data to help us better target our advertisements on our website(s) and/or other websites.


What Information We Collect

When you use our online ordering system, you provide us with contact information and payment information (if required). Contact information typically includes your address, email address and telephone number. Payment information may include your credit card number. We hold information related to your account status and any orders you have made on the website.

How We Use The Information

We will not disclose customer personal and account information without permission from the customer unless we have reason to believe that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, make contact with, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of Chelsea Oriental, our customers, or others, or where Chelsea Oriental has a good reason to believe that the law requires such disclosure.

Chelsea Oriental also will not, except for reasons stated below, disclose to third parties the contents of any electronic mail or other electronic communications that Chelsea Oriental stores or transmits to or from its customers. The circumstances under which Chelsea Oriental will disclose such electronic client communications are when:

  1. It is necessary in order to provide service to the client;
  2. It is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Chelsea Oriental and its clients;
  3. It is required to cooperate with interception orders, warrants, or other legal process that Chelsea Oriental determines in its sole discretion to be valid and enforceable; and
  4. It is necessary to provide to a law enforcement agency when the contents are inadvertently obtained by Chelsea Oriental and appear to pertain to the commission of a crime.

Chelsea Oriental disclaims any intention to censor, edit, or engage in ongoing review or surveillance of communications stored on or transmitted through its services by clients or others. Chelsea Oriental will, however, review, delete, or block access to communications that may harm Chelsea Oriental, its customers or third parties. The grounds on which Chelsea Oriental may take such action include, but are not limited to, actual or potential violations of Chelsea Oriental's Terms and Conditions.

Customers may opt out of receiving certain correspondence from Chelsea Oriental by sending a request directly via email.